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McLaren Car Care

Nano Rapid Protection


McLaren Sealant is a hydrophobic paint sealant. The sealant helps protect the paintwork and gives an instant effect which will last up to 2 months and help to extend the washing cycle.

Spray onto a clean wet surface, rub in circular motion and rinse off. For an extra gloss finish buff with a microfibre cloth.

  • Quick & easy application
  • Protection is instant and will last up to 2 months

How to use Nano Rapid paint protection for cars

Step 1 - All paintwork to be fully prepared, clean and dry before application

Step 2 - Apply Nano Rapid Protection by spraying in a sweeping motion approximately 30cm from the surface to be treated

Step 3 - Use a pad to wipe over all the bodywork, immediately buff with mircofibre cloth

This instructional video will show you how to use Nano Rapid paint protection on your car paintwork correctly and safely.

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