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McLaren Car Care

Leather Cleaner


McLaren Leather Cleaner is a safe to use cleaner. Spray onto the seats and rub lightly with a soft cloth, any stubborn stains may require a repeat application.

The cleaner is for cleaning purposes only and we suggest using leather cream to keep the leather in good condition. This product is not suitable for suede seats.

  • Quick & easy application
  • Spray directly onto areas affected
  • Ideal for leather seats
  • Not suitable for suede

How to use leather cleaner on your car seats

Step 1 - Apply using circular motions using the applicator pad and rub in ensuring full coverage

Step 2 - Allow to soak in

Step 3 - Buff off with mircofibre cloth

This instructional video will help you use the leather cleaner on your car seats correctly and safely.

View the Data Safety Sheet