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McLaren Car Care

Hydro Seal


McLaren Hydro Seal is hydrophobic formulation from the USA, specially designed to give an easy clean surface if used regularly. Hydro seal is designed to be applied on to a wet car surface where it is applied and then washed off.

For best results once applied, rub in a circular motion to help spread the product evenly over the paint work and then buff up with a microfibre cloth.

  • Use regularly to maintain an easy clean surface
  • Designed to be applied to a wet surface

How to use hyrdo seal

Step 1 - Spray onto a panel one at a time

Step 2 - Spray onto a clean wet surface, rub in circular motions and rinse off

Step 3 - For an extra gloss finish buff with a microfibre cloth

This instructional video will help you use hydro seal on your car paintwork correctly and safely.

View the Data Safety Sheet